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High Birth Rate In India

The birth rate is the number of children that are born per thousand persons annually and the estimated birth rate in India is 25, these interpret to the fact that in one thousand persons there are 25 babies per year.

India is one of the countries that uphold the largest population around the world with 17% of the total population. Understanding the sexual behaviour in India will help to understand why so much overgrowth of the population is on the rise.

Sexuality was considered as a taboo in India

In a study that was performed when India got its independence showed that sexuality was considered a taboo and discussing sexual matters during family gatherings and interactions was not a norm among society. Marriage was a compulsory and in some religion it was seen as sacred, due to this many young girls with low literacy levels were indulged into marriages in their early years of adolescence.

Poverty is another factor that contributes to high birth rate, this is because poor people cannot afford birth control plans and allow nature to take control and also the fact that there is a low or inadequate supply of family welfare services. Lack of awareness about the use of contraceptives spikes up the situation and children are seen as gifts from God and the biology behind it is of no importance to the people.

One of the agricultural countries

India is one of the agricultural countries, foods and jobs are easily created and available for children in the rural areas and for this reason they are not a burden to the family. This marks a logical reason why the birth rate in the rural areas in India is very high.

Sex is rampant among the people

Sex is a biological activity that enhances the growth of a population. In India, sex is rampant among the people and this is equated to the fact that children are seen as assets that will help the financial status of the family. Forceful sex or rape is another factor that contributes to high birth rates. India is one of the countries termed as “female suicide country” because of the rape cases that end up in suicide. Many factors make the rape act easy for it to occur.

Acceptance of domestic violence

One of the strongest reason is the acceptance of domestic violence.

In a 2012 report that was conducted by UNICEF found out that 53% of girls and 57% of the Indian boys between the ages of 16 and 20 thought the act of beating your wife is justified and if a child grows up to see his father beating his mother. Same results in future will be witnessed.

Religion plays a major role in birth rates

Religion plays a major role in the rise of birth rates in India. Different people believe in a different religion and the accepted religions in India are Islam (14.2%) and Hinduism (79.8%) to a greater extent and others like Buddhism, Christianity and Jainism. Giving birth to a boy is a must because they have the belief that he is the breadwinner and contribute to the continuity of the family name and heritage. The desire to have a son makes the couple to linger reproducing.